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We exceed all security & privacy healthcare policies in U.S and Canada including HIPAA & PIPEDA.

Designed by Physician

Medlinx is a secure social network designed to work with the exisiting workflow of Clinicians. Doctors, nurses and support staff can communicate, collaborate, and provide better healthcare to patients.

Integration with EMRs, and Labs/Vital, ADT HL7 feeds is available.


Most EMR solutions are built for legal documentation & billing not for improving patient care. It lacks basic functions that we have access to in the software that runs the rest of our lives.

Its time for major disruption with software that looks at the patients and clinicians first.

Say Goodbye to pagers, scut notes, and 1980's desktop interfaces.

Our Goal

Medlinx is the best mobile platform for access to patient information and collaboration of care.

We believe that every clinician and patient should have access to it. We are providing the platform free to individual departments and other institutions who can't afford to pay, so that we can get it into the hands of people who can use it to save lives!

Join the revolution!

How to onboard your clinical department?

Medlinx is free for Departments, Resident groups, and Nursing groups. Enterpise contact us to see how we can make it happen.

Step 1

If you are a clinician and want to champion this technology for your department or group, contact us and tell us who you are for free access.

Be the hero of your department.

Step 2

Join our platform, Download the mobile application and Onboard your department within 30 mins.

You are now the envy of your peers & Back in the 21st century!

Step 3

Lobby your IT department to work with us for Integration with your EMR / EPR or HL7 feeds.

It's way better with Integration.

I got 99 Problemsbut patient safety due to lack of information and communication

'aint one

Documents & Whitepapers Free Download

PDFs are password protected. Please send an email to for the password.

    • New

    Medlinx Enterprise Security

    By Vejey Gandier

    Learn more about transmission security, audit controls, authentication & access control.

    • New

    Medlinx Interoperability & Integration

    By Vejey Gandier

    Learn more on how medlinx is built to acheive interoperability with different HIT systems.

    Medlinx Usecase Document

    By Dr.Ali Esmail

    Learn more on how Medlinx can be used in your exisiting workflow with illustrated usecases.

    Medlinx Security Whitepaper

    By Vejey Gandier

    A whitepaper on Access Control, Security, and Encryption in Medlinx platform.

    Medlinx Hardening Document

    By Vejey Gandier

    Learn how we harden our servers by minimizing attack surface to achieve higher security

    Medlinx Testing Strategy

    By Vejey Gandier

    Get an insight into how Medlinx is using state-of-the-art testing strategies and collaboration with thrid parties.

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